Conductor? I Hardly Know Her!

The night air was ripe with the stench of rotting accordions; I turned up the lapels on my overcoat and overturned the labels on my undershirt. Desolate streets lined the alleyway, there, below the ungodly glow of a mercury vapor streetlamp, was the vacant spot once occupied by my car. “Drat,” I spat, consumed by something going to night school in hopes of becoming anger, “my Bugatti Atlantic.” I knew streetcars stopped running at midnight, there was no other option, I took the bus.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
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8 Responses Aug 6, 2007

The emotion was going to night school in order to evolve into full-fledged anger - rather like the Southern Sherrif who was going to night school to evolve a thumb.<br />
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Like the home school - night school question. One wonders.

What was going to night school? Night in dreams? <br />
Do they have night school for the home schooled..

Why indeed? It's a good question, and certainly worth pursuing. Islamic dietary restrictions perhaps? Is it that the sphinx has the body of a lion and not a pig? This is, to be fair, probably for the best. After all, the sphinx was supposed to be frightening, and about the most frightening thing a pig can do is get you dirty. We are possibly being too literal. Were you denied ham as a child? How about yams? And isn't it odd that Egypt is in Africa but everyone thinks of it as part of the Middle East. One searches for answers. But enough about me.

Ham and pharoahs - why can't I get those two things to jibe in my mind?

I can't speak for you, but I work for Sam the Ham & the Pharoahs.

Who's hamming who, is what I need to know.<br />
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Yes Lillian, it's me. Like Spike Lee almost said - and Spike Jones never did - "She's gotta' Hammett."

Dashiell, is that you?<br />
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