I Just Took The Cogiati Test And Scored -105. Means I'm An Androgyne. Seems Accurate To Me.

I have been crossdressing for years and recently have been trying to grow breasts. I don't want to become a woman but have been shaving my whole body and pumping my breasts to make them larger. I want to keep my penis and want to make it larger as well. I was confused about what I was doing and it is really affecting my marriage. My wife is hurting herself because she really dislikes this and has no one to talk to about this. She wants a real man but doesn't want to leave me. I do a lot of manly things but prefer to make love as a woman with a penis.
   Recently, I joined Sexaholics Anonymous because my wife is convinced I am a sex addict. I am convinced that if it wasn't for my crossdressing, she would not have a problem with me. I do have a problem staying away from internet **** but have been able to not ********** for 6 weeks now. I am losing my sex drive altogether. Can divorce be far off?

Sissywishy Sissywishy
51-55, M
Jan 21, 2013