What The ???

"Your views call for roughly same amount of goverment and liberty that we have today, with some desire for more economic freedom and more government control over certain personal behaviors.

It appears that you are relatively happy with the status quo, with probably some desire for more Republicans in office. However, there are limits to what this quiz can measure, so this assessment may not be correct. (Since you are close to the center, the "signal" may be lost in the "noise.")"

It says I'm basically conservative.  Which is true, but I feel I lean way more libertarian that what it suggests.  I think the government needs to be greatly reduced in scope, and people need more personal responsibility.

Anywho, it was a long and though provoking quiz.  Take it.

woodworkingjoe2002 woodworkingjoe2002
46-50, M
Sep 6, 2012