Hehehehehehe I Love It!!!!!!!!!!!!!



You Are Intelligent

You are a very stubborn and headstrong person. You know you are capable, and you never doubt your decisions.

You resent authority and being told what to do. In most cases you know best anyway.

You are constantly underestimated and misunderstood in your life. People don't understand how great you are.

You don't mind if your greatness goes unrecognized though. You know your own value, and that's good enough for you!


TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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I've just done it...and yes, I am amazed by it's awesomeness!!!

You'll be amazed at how awesome it is =)<br />

The super hero one does sound like a good one...I'm going to try that in a minute.<br />
Yeah, you're probably right about pigs...they're not exactly timid, especially when there's food around.

ARRRHAHAHAHAHAHA I think my second favourite (the super-hero one ROCKED). I have no idea, I am guessing pigs are actually quite confident creatures =)

Ha ha ha! This has to be the daftest blogthings quiz yet!!...How can it say " people don't understand how great you are" just because you chose the pig finger puppet?! LOL