I've Jumped Without The Parachute

... in one of my dream years ago lol

You Are Vibrant You're the type of person who doesn't sit around waiting for life to happen.
Instead, you make things happen. You are extremely proactive, and you live a better life for it.

You try to do as much as possible every day. Your life is full of meaningful work and good friends.
You don't get down too often - there's so much going right for you these days.

:) :) :)
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2 Responses Jun 24, 2010

hello Shecretbeauty! it was a nice dream and what made me happy, my brother told me it meant that i was in good shape in terms of health :)<br />
<br />
the interpretation though, it was from the test i took, called the Flower Test... we were shown 5 kinds of flower in a vase... with some cute color.. i chose the yellow color in a green vase.. oops! hope this is not a spoiler for who wants to take the test! lol

nice dream and interpretation!