I Took It To Know

People always tell me knowing is knowledge knowledge is power and power keeps you alive so I wanted to know how gay I am cause I love to look at men so I took it and I am 58% gay not as much as I thought I was but I'm ok with it
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Which one did you take?

I don't remember it was awhile ago when I took it

I took one earlier today because I just wasn't sure and I was begining to get nervous about it, but it said I was like 36% gay, so still straight. I think to get gay on it you have to be like 50% gay which would be bi. If you get like 75% or more it says you are super gay. The questions werent like things only gay people know or do, or at least not all of the questions. So I'm satisfied with my score. If you get less than like 25% it tells you to take the test again because you are probably lying about something. Everyone has their quirks and imperfections, so obviously no one was supposed to get like 0% or anything.

Well I have to be true to myself and besides she's bi to and she has her little adventures with girls so why can't I

Yea bud, But you have a Great Girlfriend!!