Me? A Performer? :o

You thrive when you're around others. You feed off a group dynamic, and people truly energize you.
You are a cunning and charming person. In the end, you always seem to end up with what you want.

You love to be fully engaged and immersed in whatever you're doing. You love the idea of flow and getting in the zone.
You're quick witted. You are fun to talk to, and you always have a snappy comeback.
heehaha!  well, maybe way back when.  a performer....another story for another day  ;)

fun quiz.  and people really do energize me.  most of 'em.  ok...maybe some of 'em.  okaaaayyyy....a few.  yall.  :P

justsunni justsunni
51-55, F
4 Responses Sep 22, 2011

la LAAAAA♫<br />
actually that is the bit of entertaining i did...quite some time ago.. ;)

cunning and charming!! i just love reading that!! ;)

Ha!ha!ha! great result! thank you for writing the "end synopsis" to! :D Very helpful, if i may say so! :D <br />
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Great post and i thank you for sharing! babes! :D :D <>

whooohoooooo baby!