This Is Not A Story,,it's A Poem,,its Titled Nature

the sea's are green,and sometimes blue the sun is bright the flowers are new,,for i am me,,and you are you,,two people in love with the grace of a dove.the mountains are green just as beutiful as i have ever seen,,streams of water crisp,and clear,trickle down the mountain,where the deer are often near.the hoot of an owl,the distant wolves howl,,as the sun sinks into the west..then theres the glow of a fire as camper settle to retire. the hoot of an owl,,the trickle of water,,the distant wolves howl,,as night turns to day ,and the birds awaken,,and if i'm not mistaken there's nothing left to say

starchild182 starchild182
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 30, 2011

so it just goes to show i am not normal,,i am sometimes an anomaly