Jung's Typology Test

'Emotional stability'
You responses are usually relatively alert and involved. However, you may sometimes get overwhelmed by negative feelings, such as fear, shame or anger. It is relatively more difficult for you to get past such feelings. Sometimes your thinking is too negative and you probably worry more than actually necessary. As a result, others may sometimes perceive you to be troubled or tense. The advantage of this is that you will not be easily considered to be cold. Sometimes you devote extra effort to doing things right. As a result, you can be appreciated for your enthusiasm and caring. You prefer being with people who, like you, can be sensitive and empathetic. It is relatively more difficult for you to deal with people who show little enthusiasm or sensitivity.

You are equally fond of having fun with others and being alone. In general, you are energetic but not overenthusiastic. You like your privacy but also do well in groups. At parties or in a group, you do not feel a need for attention. If asked or if there is a reason to do so, you will voice your opinion. You do not feel the need to be busy all the time, but you are also not one to simply relax. You feel comfortable with people who are not afraid to take the initiative when the situation arises. But you can also deal with people who are more introverted or who crave attention. You enjoy contact with others, but this is not essential. You can appear to be both hesitant and spontaneous. In principle, an average score on this scale makes you open to both those who are reserved and extroverts.

you are a person who has his/her affairs reasonably well organized. You like to take a systematic approach without being too prudent. It is probably relatively easy for you to find a healthy balance between your work and your private life. You are the kind of person who can achieve impressive results with relatively little effort. However, striving for perfection is not in your nature. In other words, you are a person who acts to achieve a certain goal but who is willing to compromise. This makes you both effective and flexible, so that many people consider you to be a pleasant colleague or person. In general, you get along well with people who like order and neatness. As long as they are not too persistent.

You can be very friendly but also relatively direct. In general, you are interested in people and their motives, but can also be business-like. When you do things, you are guided by rationale on the one hand and the circumstances on the other. This means that you can take the feelings of others into account, but can also be relatively direct and less diplomatic. As a result, people will consider you to be both friendly and direct. In other words: a person who is not afraid to say what needs saying, but who is also able to do so in a friendly manner. You get along well with people who are nice but also capable of standing up for themselves. As long as they are not arrogant or individualistic.

This means that you probably have a relatively well-developed imagination. Others will sometimes typify you as being creative or reflective. You sometimes show broad interest and curiosity. You are often open to new experiences, solutions or values. Sometimes you tend to break away from routines and fixed patterns. You are often curious and take a relatively broad view. You enjoy exchanging ideas sometimes or acquiring new knowledge. You are not very fond of routines and fixed patterns. In certain ways, others may consider you to be curious, exciting or learned. You can become troubled when people are afraid to discuss things or insist upon maintaining the status quo. You feel more comfortable with people who can be independent or original.

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This is a very good and accurate analysis of you I believe. It shows you are a very well rounded and likeable person. (as we all see you!) Thanks for sharing. I am interested to take the test myself.

Easy :
http://www.123test.com/jung-typology/ >>> select : tests > personality test (blue column) and here You go.... :D

Thanks! Will check it out soon and post my results. :)

Ohhhhhhh!!!! yeah! this is you my gorgeous! darling wonderful friendly friend! <br />
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Thank you for sharing this fabulous post my doll! :D :D <>

Fabulous... wow. You make me blush :O

A lot of this is true about you. I can see it.

You're sweet :)