The ISFJ has a strong sense of duty; this is both beneficial and troubling. They tend to value "being there" and can be counted on in the worst of times. They also tend to let people take advantage of them and will remain silent to avoid conflict. In families this can be a double-edged trait. In the family you can often find the ISFJ in the kitchen, preparing a meal and enjoying the responsibility of doing so. Taking care of the family and putting up with the complaints in the name of harmony is often a role the ISFJ will find themselves.

In friendship the ISFJ is the friend you can count on. They may not enjoy being intruded upon but their high sense of duty will compel them to do what needs to be done. Friends will often complain that they let people walk all over them but this matters little to the ISFJ

In love the ISFJ often becomes the quiet reserved backbone of a relationship. They will put all of their needs on hold in an effort to keep the relationship intact. They may tend to move slowly but every step is a sure step and their level of commitment is usually high.


A big part of the ISFJ’s life is work. No matter what the professions this type can be counted on to find rewarding, fulfilling roles in the work place. If not, expect them to work harder in an effort to find that sense of duty and service. The ISFJ isn’t looking for a nice retirement package or the golden goose; they use work as a means of balancing a productive life. Nancy Reagan, who didn’t believe in weekends, is a famous ISFJ. Other popular ISFJ career directions include: Counseling, Ministry, Library Work, Nursing, Dental Hygenists and Musicians.


As long as nobody is making waves the ISFJ is a happy student. Practical well-defined classes make the ISFJ at ease in the learning environment. While a stubborn streak may exist in the ISFJ they will ultimately conform to whatever authority figure is in front of them.

Famous ISFJs:

St. Teresa of Avila (Teresa de Jesus)
Louisa May Alcott
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Queen Elizabeth II of England
Robert E. Lee
Queen Mary I ("Bloody Mary") of England

U.S. Presidents:

William Howard Taft
Johnny Carson, comedian
Robin Roberts (Good Morning America)
Kristi Yamaguchi, US Olympic figure skater
Ed Bradley, journalist
Bianca in Taming of the Shrew
David Copperfield
Hero in Much Ado About Nothing
Melanie in Gone With The Wind
Ophelia in Hamlet
Dr. John H. Watson, M.D. (Sherlock Holmes' faithful sidekick)
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