I Took It Ages Ago Actually

my friend took a personality test and posted it on fb ages ago so i took one myself... and it explained a lot to me really. i was quite pleased with it... and moreover i found i have the rarest of all types (my friend was bragging about how she was in a 4% type group well mine was in the 1%) so indulge me. i am bragging... i'm in the groups for my type elsewhere so i won't even mention it here in this group... sometimes when people add themselves into my group i wonder if they really know what it means or if they just think it's cool... so i'm a bit leery of them at times... but i know some other people in it who have previously taken the test (because they know. and i know this because of what they say. not because i know them personally) and understand what it means... and anyway. we appreciate each other and what our personality means to us... but yeah... as my type's description says of itself... we have our own type of arrogance for being ourselves. from being ourselves... i for one have always found it to be amusing. the expression of the expression. so saying i love to laugh anyway... sigh.
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May 17, 2012