Your Primary Mythical Creature

Water Types
The main strength of the Water types is feeling. The second element indicates the most probable focus for this emotional expression.

Water with Earth

Astrologically associated with Scorpio and the Eighth House

Satyr types are warm and sociable but also enigmatic and mysterious. They are sensitive to others’ feelings and moods and are extremely insightful and perceptive. They feel a need to relate intimately with others and they often do so through sensual pleasures. However, they also have a tendency to be cautious and guarded and they need to maintain their privacy. This behavior confuses others and makes them appear unpredictable and capricious. They want to control over themselves and others in order to feel secure. They also want to merge with others to feel a sense of unity. They are frequently attracted to art and design, especially if it involves the natural world. They have a deep love of nature. They are imaginative and enjoy combining their creative urges with sensual pleasures in a productive way.


Your Shadow Creature

Fire Types
All the Fire types have problems relating to anger and aggression. The weakest element indicates the main focus of these problems.

Fire and Air

This shadow is unreasonable, self-contradictory, and expedient. Pseudo-logic and tangled references to poorly understood arguments are used simply to justify current behavior. They are conceited and think that the usual social restrictions should not apply to them. They are snobbish, arrogant, and opportunistic. Their ostentation and name-dropping indicates an underlying sense of worthlessness. They want to succeed but lack the necessary drive, so they bathe in reflected glory. In their self-defeating attempts to do this they may give up their freedom and dignity. The biggest obstacle of weak Air is to overcome prejudice and ignorance; the biggest obstacle of weak Fire is to overcome anger and aggression.
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Love the art for these...

Wow. you're the third person here with a water creature. I'm a mermaid by the way