I Do Worry A Lot...

You Are Fear

You may not feel afraid, but the emotions you express are those driven by fear.

This doesn't mean you're a wimp, but it does mean that you have a well honed sense of survival.

It's possible that you overreact to danger without realizing it. You worry easily.

Try to stop yourself whenever you feel dread, panic, or anxiety. Those are just ways of feeling fear.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

PS. I've learned to love. At a very young age I had to learn the difference between those that really care or those that only are capable of caring if on their own terms. Patronizing drivel like this ****** me off. It serves no purpose. Had I read this 20 years ago It would have gotten my adrenaline going. Anger has served me well. It allowed me to survive.

You Are Anger <br />
<br />
You may not feel like an angry person, but you have a lot to be furious about in your life.<br />
It's likely that you've suffered some great injustices, humiliations, and / or betrayals.<br />
<br />
There's nothing wrong with feeling the way you feel, but your anger needs a more healthy outlet.<br />
Instead of being bitter get proactive. Instead of hating, learn to love something in your life. Anger is a difficult emotion to deal with.