Lol Well I Passed The Test

You're 91% submissive, 83% feminine, 84% "genderservative" (conservative about gender roles) and 74% kinky!

You, darling, may just be the perfect woman. You're so submissive - that's beautiful in itself. But as well as that, you tend to the feminine, you respect men and their role, and you're generally broad-minded about kinky things. Wow! You do realise that very few women are more suited to a male-led relationship than you, don't you? Are you in one already? Or looking for one? If this result is news to you, think about your past relationships. Have they made you happy? I doubt it - especially if one of your femminess, "GS" or kinkiness scores is very high. You should visit the website,
JennaR JennaR
51-55, F
Nov 30, 2012