Well Imagine That...

A guy on here told me about 3 months ago that I was a "dissocial" narcissist...Not sure what dissocial means, never heard of it...but I always knew I was abit narcissist...oh well...


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5 Responses Jan 2, 2009

oh man, even words the bisexual or antisocail is a swindle of accounting for an action, giving it a name, then selling it back to them as a niche. Consider the goth thing as evidence of that.

Robert, that would not surprise me...one bit!

Maybe dissocial is just a posh way of saying antisocial?

I agree 100 %! I think alot of people with normal issues go to a shrink or something, they get diagnosed with a major problem...They get these pills that totally mess up their mind, and then they wonder why they can't get better. Plus they get a label stuck on them that will NEVER go away, and then its ingrained into their mentality that they got something horribly wrong...But then, that's how docs get rich. ;)<br />
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Why is your username underthekilt?? Kinda leaves me wondering...:D lol

i'm a bit concerned of this latest ideal to force people into a certain niche, or group. People are different, some people have issues (usually the nice ones) and there is no shame in that. But i begin to ponder as to who takes jobs that seeks to challenge the individual as opposed to celebrate them for their individuality. Sorry but people are not the same, and it's because of this ideal of thinking they can be uniform that so many people feel isolated when they are nothing other than normal.

True words.