The Real One...

not the crappy internet one. i had to take the PDQ-4, which is used to identify twelve different disorders.



you might remember me taking it a while ago and getting 6, and being really upset. well, after three months at therapy i had to redo it. and its only gotten worse.....




anti social





obsessive compulsive








i dont see them as my diagnoses, rather they are aspects of my personality that i must work on through therapy.



still, its a bit ******. 11/12.


Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 9, 2009

thank you..... I dont take meds. the way I see personality disorders is that they are not a chemical imbalance that can be rectified by drugs, they are personality traits that develop from tryng to deal with extreme circumstances, and the best way to treat them is by therapy. I am in the process of joining an outpatient treatment course that involves intensive therapy 3 days a week..... its hard, but hopefully i will learn to change these thought processes. x

i am just trying to tell myself that i dont have those, just traits that could lead to those.<br />
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personality disorders are such complex things to understand and diagnose, most people dont have a clue how they work.<br />
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i actually find it kind of insulting, the fact that there are these quizzes on the internet, and people take them so lighthearted and fun, without any clue as to what those labels mean when you're actually told you have them. you dont see 'which cancer are you likely to get' quizzes. so why one for personality disorders?<br />
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anyway, thanks tree, it is a work in progress =]