I Wonder...

How many people REALLY pick something OTHER than the pepperoni pizza?


You love the food you grew up eating, and it's mostly what you still eat.
You don't go for a big variety of foods. You just have a few favorites you stick to.

Pizza Topping You Should Try: Sausage or Canadian bacon

Stay away from: Anything you can't pronounce

AZBowlman AZBowlman
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I had to try this - at least it's an easy test I can not fail.<br />
<br />
Your Pizza Says You Like Quality Food . <br />
<br />
You tend to be attracted to rustic, homemade foods.<br />
You don't like fancy restaurant food. You prefer your own cooking.<br />
<br />
Pizza Topping You Should Try: Basil<br />
<br />
Stay away from: Any pizza overloaded with a mess of toppings <br />
<br />
Yep - sounds about right =]

I'm just going to jump on your bandwagon with pizza wheels.. <br />
<br />
This is what I got:<br />
<br />
You are a very open minded eater, and you enjoy exotic flavors.<br />
You don't have any preconceived notions about how food should taste.<br />
<br />
Pizza Topping You Should Try: Mandarin oranges<br />
<br />
Stay away from: Pizzas with extra cheese - it's a crutch!

Me, I don't care for pepperoni on my pizza much, they're too greasy!