Yep, That's Me In The Pic ;-)

You Are Observant

You are an insightful and wise person. You like to think things through carefully, and you usually come up with amazing ideas.
Some people may think you're boring, but they don't realize how much you're learning through careful observation.

By moving slowly, you are able to really see and appreciate every detail in life. You have a vivid and complete picture of the world.
Your intelligence runs deep. Anyone who takes time to talk with you is eventually overwhelmed by your brilliance.
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41-45, F
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Hahaha!...Well, in my dreams I look like that ;)

Omg!!! i just saw your "heading" (doh!!!!!!) ha!! ha!!! and there was me, trying! to be witty!! ha!! ha!! and i enversize TRYING!! of course ha!! ha!! ha!!!

Great!! result mistygrey! :-) Oooh!! is the girl in the pic you!!? ha!! ha!! <br />
love ya!! hun!! :-)

Yes, it matches my bloodshot eyes ;)<br />
<br />
Nice to hear from you again, Vulcan :)

and red is so your colour!