It says there is a possibility I am intersexed? Now, I will admit I have struggled in my male role. Playing football (I liked dressing up in the uniforms and equipment) but, I don't know about intersexed. I joined the army and became a paratrooper to prove my masculinity, but I thought the maroon beret looked good too. I learned to sew, I love to design clothing. I have been married to the same lady for 21 years. Granted she is more alpha and I am less alpha. I am rather short 5'4". I carry my weight in my hips and thighs. My wife is 5'9". I have a light high voice and I am always mistaken for a female over the phone or in the drive thru window. I always would rather play with the girls, but was dragged off with the boys. I have never came out to wifely, but she has helped me pick out clothing items that are feminine and unisex. All of my shoes except suit dress shoes are women's. I have a small foot and most stores don't carry men's shoes in my size. I have some slacks that are Liz Claiborne women's because they fit me best. My hips are a little wider than my shoulders. I have always felt feminine and was sometimes encouraged by my mom. I don't think.the test is always accurate, but it isn't totally wrong either.
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This test is a valid test and variations are used by psychologists and psychiatrists. I wouldn't write it off totally but take the result as indicative.

In reality it is silly to put stock in anything like this. I know that we have questions, but I think by the time most of us already have a good idea of what we are already. I think that sometimes we want affirmation that what we think is correct. I think that is kind of what makes test like this kind of dangerous.

The test isn't foolproof but then again I got 1375 and was born intersex.