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My score was 760, which shows that I am mostly female. Of cource I did not have to take the tedt to find that out. Any male that would do ever thing he can to grow breast, has to be more then just a little bit fem. I am have always felt sorry for myself, because I can not pass in fem at all. So now I am a male with a large breast, that I truly love having. They make me feel at least fem, and make my body look more fem
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56-60, M
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

The toughest part is knowing that people attach a certain role to us simply because of how we appear ... our girl (and guy) friends often have trouble seeing us as another one of the girls ... Admittedly, I'm a little bit of a tom-boy, too, but still ... isn't that just part of being a well rounded woman?

I am very lucky in that sense, because my wife sees me for what I am. She know sees me has not only her husband, but also as her best girl friend. It is funny that guys who look at me, point fingers and laught, are the ones that go crazy over my body once they get me in bed. I knew that society was not ready for the change that I made in my body to more be like what I felt I was. But that is life. I live for what I am, and try to enjoy what God made me.

Blessed be!

Thank you Hon!