Your Black Umbrella Says You're Powerful

When faced with adversity, you respond with authority. You don't let problems faze you.
You are naturally powerful and commanding. People look to you to take charge.

You are elegant and classy. You know how to always say and do the right thing.
While you stand out, you also fit it. You thrive in a variety of situations.

On a rainy day: you carry on as normal - a little bad weather isn't going to get in your way!

I don't know If I always say and do the right thing, but I suppose it is true in my home that people look to me to take charge and for some reason that can happen with others as well. While I may not thrive in every situation I do adapt well to many situations. I have been told this that I make the best of change.
CheshireGrinz CheshireGrinz
26-30, F
Jun 21, 2011