You like your underwear to make you feel girlish and pretty. Let's hope you're a chick.

You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way.

^^^^This quizzes are flawed!
EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
31-35, F
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I took it.

It Instructed me to stop wearing granny panties.

What does that mean?


.LOL Goliath!!!

Nice.. so true about you!

Mine says "your underwear says loser mommas boy all over them. You really should toss out those circa 1980's underwear your mother gave you for Christmas. Some things will never come out with bleach and nothing says you are a clueless cheapskate like a pair of threadbare tightly whities with more holes than a miniature golf course in them."


You made that up.

. lmfao

There's nothing wrong with this poll.

"Your underwear makes all of the other underwear jealous...especially in the front where it tends to get very stretched out. Have you thought of becoming a **** star?"


.OMG lol you guys are hilarious

LMAO. I went and took it just for gigglz.<br />
"Your Underwear Says You're Hot<br />
You tend to throw out your underwear after a few months. It gets used and abused!<br />
You're sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way. "<br />

.lmao ^^^FACT


oh... I forgot. AFTER it told me to stop wearing granny panties, it also said that I'm sexy, in that pinup girl, tease sort of way.

Joey, I snogged her because she's my fiancée. lol

Then, it's clearly time for a celebratory *********. Ediez is concerned that she wouldn't know what to do with a girl, so I may need to show her some tricks.

.*face palm*

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I think it's interesting when you pretend that you don't like being girly.

It's rather like when Sonnet tries to be all gangsta....

.Sonnet is gangsta!

In the same way that you're not girly. Yes.

I'm sure you look sexy in whatever underwear you choose to have on... or not. lol

*rolls eyes* I was talking to Ediez, but I'm sure that's true about you too, Goliath. lol

Well, helloooooooo. ;)

. lmao

Sorta of topicish! If you haven't ever seen a brand of mens underwear called Bawbags, google em, it's hysterical, they come with preprinted skidmarks.

.OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG! You're all getting those for xmas!

Lolololol! I think there sooo funny, I know I'm too old for this kind of toilet humour but.....................

.fukk that! Toilet humor never gets old!

toilet humor is more irregular when you are older ...

Oh so true! Some days I'm full of it! Others I couldn't squeeze a bit out if I tried.

Speaking of irregular humor ... Now they just gotta come out with a "Pull-up" version for those in nappy training ;-) (I soon expect to be among those who select that lifestyle for reasons beyond pure choice, butt this doesn't mean I can't laugh at my own ***, too)

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I should of lied on my quiz....LOL. Your results are nicer too mine.

.oh come on! If wouldve taken this quiz on a weekend i wouldve gotten the same results as you. No panties on the weekends! ever!