You Have Your Ideas To Smile About....





The thing that makes you happiest is your own little inner world. You always have a new thought that delights you.
All you need in this life is your imagination. You can never be too bored or too depressed.

People make think you are a bit of a flake or that you have your head in the clouds.
They truly don't understand what makes you tick and why you're smiling. If people could read your mind, they would be truly amazed!

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2 Responses May 21, 2012

To be truthful! :D Couldn't be better! thank you my doll,. We went to the Capital yesterday and saw Matt Smith of Dr Who fame carrying the Olympic torch! Wow!! it was soooooo! surreal,. Then we went onto Porthcawl! LMBAO!!!! the Las Vagas of Wales! :D I absolutely adore!! and wouldn't swap "Porthcawl" for the world!!! Truly i wouldn't,. Proud to be Welsh and have this seaside resort on my doorstep,. <br />
Fantastic hearing from you though! my fellow Welsh person :D :D

Oooooh! i'm learning more and more of my wonderful young friend! XxBlackCat100xX and liking what i learn! :D Fabulous result baby! :D and i thank you so much for sharing your post! :D :D

thanks for commenting my darling always wonderful to hear from you,hope you and your family are well :-)