My Result :)

Your Spiritual Number is Nine You bring satisfaction and competence into people's lives.
You are very influential... sometimes more of an influence than you even realize.

Right now, your life is all about reflection and completion.
You have ended a long journey, and you are taking the time to figure out what it all meant.

You are an easy going, charming, and charismatic person.
Whether you want to or not, you have a lot of devoted followers.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Well i'm not exactly sure what my 'spiritual number' means, sorry.<br />
It's just a little quiz that spits out something vague in correspondence to your answers... Just a bit of fun Haha

Could you tell me what you mean by this question? please, thanking you, <br />