You're playful and carefree. You are lighthearted in all aspects of your life.
Life is short and you act accordingly. You don't worry, and you try to bring fun into other people's lives.

You love feeling free, and you don't do well with rules or restrictions. You need to be able to do your own thing.
You feel more alive than most people. You can really savor the little things in life, like feeling the wind in your hair.

CheekyGeek CheekyGeek
3 Responses Oct 11, 2011

"you try to bring fun into other people's lives" ... and you certainly do!! Thank you ;)

wee that me, fun unless I am snarky haha

Playful and carefree - how lovely! Certainly playful!

Weeeee.. hey is it still 3 pm?

Haha - Can't tell - everything is up but the sun isn't shining - can you pop round with a flashlight?

Seems I am a Convertible too!

What are your thoughts on this, my darling, friendly friend!? :D I think this is you, though babe! :D <br />
Great post and i thank you for sharing! :D :D <>

Oh I agree with it. feels right.