Discovering Ones Talent

I am a young girl of 21. I have been hearing about discovering ones talent.
They say is by knowing those things you like doing comfortably.
but the problem is that i don't know the things i like doing; the only thing I like doing is helping my fellow human. i don't like to see my fellow human being in sorrow. i would like to help unless I don't have that thing presently.
Could that be my talent?

Another thing is that I like solving mathematical problems. so i don't know where to start discovering the God's given talent.
Please come to my aid if you know the solution.
eklizy eklizy
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 13, 2010

You could be a doctor. Doctors need to be good at math and they help people to not suffer.

Well, eklizy, for sure you must have some talents in there... and God would not give them to you if they were not to be found and worked with! So there must be some, and there must be a way to find them.<br />
<br />
You are (so I understand) "a Spiritual Being having a Human experience"... and did you know that you have many friends in the higher dimensions of the Earth Planet, who have said to you before you embodied that they would do their best to guide you and help you find your way while you were down here. And God, who sees everything, I know wants you to be able to express what you have come into this world to give. So to begin the search for your talents, why not ask your spiritual guidance - or God, or Mother Earth if you like that better - to show you, and help you discover your life-service.<br />
They will hear your call; but you will need to be alert to hear / see the answer; as it may come in a form that you don't expect - something seen on TV or in a magazine, in a book, or something the Nature beings do in your presence that you notice... Did you know that the North American Indians used to go on "vision quests" when they entered adulthood, and would go off by themselves into Nature, and observe... taking as a name the significant thing they saw, as they believed that it pointed to what they were to develop as their talent.<br />
Your spiritual guides will often influence a nature being to give you a message, or a clue like that. Generally they can't speak in language to you, so they use the symbolism of what an animal does in front of you.<br />
Or you might be given a dream. You could ask for that too.<br />
<br />
I hope you find and successfully are able to use, what you seek !<br />
Many blessings!<br />