Great Session At The Adult Book Store

Took the girlfriend to an Adult Bookstore, last night. Before that, we spent a few hours at a bar drinking and playing pool. She was wearing one of those really short skirts like the tennis players wear, which got her a lot of looks from a lot of the other guys in the bar. She's always horned up after a few drinks, so I decided I'd like to watch her in some public action.

I keep a small duffle bag in the trunk of my car. I call it my play bag, because it contains a lot of my favorite things for sex play, including a few pieces of bondage equipment.

As soon as we walked into the Bookstore, I handed the guy a $10 bill, for admission to the Video Arcade, where there was always a lot of sex going on. There were 4 very long rows of back to back video booths, with glory holes which allowed access from one booth to the next, for sucking and *******, and for watching the action in the adjoining booths..

I led her up and down all the aisles to show her off to the 15 or 20 guys who were also there. Although the Bookstores were mostly patronized by gay guys, there were always plenty of bi guys in there on a Saturday night, so I knew that we would have no problem connecting.

I found one of the larger booths empty, pushed her inside, and closed and locked the door. Opening my duffle bag, I pulled out one of those minature bottles of vodka and told her to down it, which she did. After stripping her down completely, I shoved a penis gag into her mouth and buckled the straps around her head. Next, I fitted her with wrist cuffs and ankle cuffs which I fastened together so that she was bent over with her *** up in the air.

While I was getting her ready, I could see through one of the upper holes in the booth, where I guy was watching us and stroking his ****, every now and then pushing his hard **** through the lower gloryhole. Now that I had my girlfriend sufficiently gagged and restrained, I was ready to let as many guys as possible give her ***** a workout.

I pushed her *** back against the wall and held her there so that her ***** was framed by the gloryhole. The guy who had been watching us, immediately penetrated her and started pumping his **** in and out of her ****, banging his hips against the wall with every thrust.

Two other walls of the booth also had gloryholes where I could see guys either watching us or pushing their dicks through the holes. I was particularly interested in an extra long and thick **** that I kept catching sight of, and I hoped that he would wait around for the first guy to finish ******* my girlfriend. As soon as he shot his load into her, I lifted her up and swung her around so that her *** was pinned against the big **** guy's gloryhole.

I could see my girlfriend straining to take him inside of her, even though her ***** was already well lubed by the first guy's load of ***. I had seen her get ****** by huge dicks many times before, so I knew she could take it. For some reason, it makes my **** rock hard to see her stretched by a guy who's hung extra big. Every time he drove his **** into her, the length of it pushed her hips away from the gloryhole, and her *** made a slapping noise as it made contact with the wall again, when he pulled back. Suddenly, he stopped ******* her, and I could see her *** vibrating as he pumped his hot load of *** deep inside her ****.

She was trembling all over with her own ******, and I knew that she had had enough for one night, well, at least until I got her home.

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mmmmmm good stuff