Our First Time Bookstore Fun

We had been out having some drinks and when we left the bar, decided to go to one of the adult bookstores in town. I had heard things about them, but we had never been into one. We went in and looked around at all of the movies, books and adult toys. I noticed that there was a door in the back that had a sigm that said movie arcade. As we looked at the merchandise, I oticed tha guys would go to the cashier and pay and then go through the door to the back. I asked the wife if she wanted to go in the arcade. She said if I wanted to go that we could. I had noticed alot of the guys were checking her out as we looked at the toys. She did look good as she was wearing a short skirt that showed off her nice legs, and a low cut blouse that accented her c cup ****. We have been married for 10 years and she looks as good if not better than she did at 18 years old when we married. We walked to the counter and the cashier said that couples were free. We thanked him and went to the door in the back. we entered and saw lots of doors to small rooms. We wnet about halfway to the back and entered one of the rooms. There was a screen showing a movie. You could push a button to change the channel. The room was about six by six. I scrolled through the channels and stopped on a movie that showed a big tittied blond with 2 black guys. She was sucking one while the other was ******* her doggie. They both had huge ***** and I noticed that the wife could not take her eyes off of the screen. she told me that she didn't know that guys had ***** that big. I told her that i had heard that a lot of black guys had big *****. As she watched I stood behind her and reached around and was rubbing her ****. She leaned back into me and pulled one of my hands down between her legs. I could feel that her panties were already wet. I squated down and pulled her panties down and she lifted her feet one at a time as I removed them. as I was removing her panties, I noticed a hole in the wall. It was a pretty big round hole and I could see someone looking through it. I stood back up and she leaned back into me and I put my hand back on her ***** and inserted a finger into her wet hole. I turned her a little so that she was facing the wall and whoever was looking through could easily see me finger ******* her smooth shaved *****. She was watching the screen intently as i fingered her and rubbed her now hard ****. I asked her if she liked seeing those big black *****. She said that they looked good. I asked her if she thought that she could handle one of them. She giggled and said she didn't know, that it looked like it might hurt at first. I looked toward the hole and saw the head of a **** sticking through the hole. It looked to be a big head and was black. She was still leaning back into me and I was stroking her **** while she was still watching the big ***** on the screen and she hadn't noticed the hole. I reached over with my other hand and rubbed the head of the **** at the hole. When I did this, the guy pushed forward and his huge **** came throught the hole. It looked to be as big or bigger than the ones ******* th blond on the screen. I wispered in the wifes ear if she would like to stroke a big **** like that. She giggled again and said it might be fun to stroke one. I took her hand and moved it to the **** sticking through the hole. When I put her hand on it she gasped and jerked her hand away as it startled her. She looked at the huge **** sticking through the hole and then looked at me. SHe had a big grin on her face and I told her to go ahead and play with it. She reached back over and took the **** in her hand. It looked huge in her little hand. She started to stroke it slowly and couldn't take her eyes off of it. I pushed her down and she squatted in front of the hole and stroked the big **** right in front of her face. I could see a drop of pre *** on the head aas she continued to stroke it. I squatted by her and told her that she could lick it if she wanted. She never looked my way, but moved her head in and licked the *** off of the head. Then she kept licking all over the head as she stroked it. I told her to see if she could get it in her mouth. She put her lips over the head and her mouth stretched as she put the head in her mouth. She tried to get more in, but her mouth was stretched wide and she could only get th e head in. I pulled my rock hard **** out of my pants and stroked it as I waqtched my innocent wife stroke and suck the head of the biggest **** either of us had ever seen. I pulled her *** up and got behind her. I needed relief as my **** felt like it was going to explode from watching this amazing site. I raised her skirt and easily entered her ***** as it was soaking wet. She was bent over at the waist and looked to be enjoying stroking and sucking the head of the black ****. The site was more than i could take and I immediately shot my load into her wet *****. Felt like the biggest load I had ever shot in my life. I could never remember being this horny. I pulled my **** out and *** dripped out of her onto the floor. I leaned over and asked her if she wanted to have the **** **** her. SHe pulled her ;lips off of the head and looked at me and said are you serious. I said yes, I would love to see her take it. She said that she would if it was in a condom. I told her I would go to the front and get one. She said ok, but to hurry. I just giggled at that. I put my **** into my pants and told her to lock the door and walked fastly to the front. I went to the counter and there were some containers with condoms of all kinds. Colored, ribbed, flavored, thin fit, and finally I saw the magnums. Said they were made for the bigger guy. I figured I better get this one. I got one out, paid the cashier and he smiled. I then went back into the back. I went and knocked on the door and the wife unlocked it. She was still sucking it and playing with it. She had been doing this for about 15 minutes and I figured the guy was surely close to blowing his load. I closed the door. I opened the condom and handed it to the wife. She pulled her mouth off and started to roll the condom onto the massive ****. It had to be 10 inches and was as thick as the wifes wrist. It looked so big as her small hands worked the condom onto it. She got it rolled all the way on and then she stood up. She told me she was kinda scared. I told her that itf she didn't want to, that she didn't have to. She unzipped her skirt and took it off and then pulled her top off over her haed and removed her bra. Guess that meant that she was no going to back out. I placed her clothes on the bench as she turned around with her *** to the hole. She reached back and took the **** and guided it to her *****. I helped hole her up as she tried to get the head into her. Her ***** was wet with my *** and her juices and she moaned as she worked the head in. I could see that just the head of his **** was in her. She grabbed me with both hands to support herself and then started moving back and forth and i could see that the **** was going in a little more each time. She was moaning so loudly that I'm sure that anyone in the theater could hear her. I asked he if she was ok and she just moaned. She stopeed moving and I could see that she had about half of the big **** in her. When she stopped I could see the guy start to move and he was pulling out to the head and then ramming back in. She was away from the wall a little so he couldn't go all the way in. I gently pushed her toward the wall a little as he ****** her stretched *****. She let out a loud moan as more of this thick **** went into her. He was reallt ******* her and I kept nudging her closer to the wall. I could see that he was getting all but about 2 inches into her. She was really moaning loudly as he ****** her. He started ******* her really fast and then i heard him let out a loud moan tha I'm sure everyone in th etheater could hear. He held his **** still about 3/4 of the way into her and I could see it twitching as he emptied his load into the condom. The wife was still moaning pretty lod too. He finally pulled his **** out and I could see the tip of the condom was broken and that he had actually *** in my wiges *****. Huge globs of *** dripped out of her ***** onto the floor beneath her. She looked up at me with a fearful look in her eyes as she realized that he had *** inside of her. I pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply. I told her how much i loved her and that everything would be fine. My **** was still rock hard and I dropped my pants and turned her back around. She leaned over with her hands on the bench as i entered her ***** from the rear. Her ***** was so wet and stretched out, that it didn't even feel like the same ***** i had ****** earlier. I could feel his *** inside of her as i stroked my **** in and out of her *****. I could also see *** all over my **** everytime I pulled back. I pumped into her hard and fast and was dumping my second load into her in no time at all. As i pulled out, more *** ran out and dripped on the floor. The floor had *** all over it. and her legs had *** on them too. As she stood up we saw another **** come through the hole. It was bigger than mine, but not as big as the earlier **** she had enjoyed. I asked her if she wanted more, but she said she had had enough. She took her panties and wiped the *** from her legs and *****. we both got dressed and left the soiled panties on the bench and exited the booth. As we walked out there were about 5 guys eyeing her as we walked by. There was only one black guy and we thought maybe he was the lucky one that stretched her ***** and dumped his load in her. We went to the car and drove home. when we got home we got naked and jumped in bed and ****** like rabbits again. Her ***** was still stretched and wet, but was the best **** we had in years. Hope we do this again in the future.
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What theater did yall go to

Damn that is a hot story! Very sexy hotwife you now have! ;)


Hot story! I need a cigarette and a sandwich after that.

I love your experience... I had the pleasure of "Blacking" a co-worker's wife. With her never having the pleasure of having her ***** ate and stretched by a Bull I took my time with her and he was there coaching her. After about her 6 time ******* on my **** I told her that she belonged to me. Between deep stroking her ***** and sucking on her nipples she told me that she is owned by me. I would love to befriend you and your wife. Please add me.


Very hot story, sounds like a fun night for all.

Pls add me

great story.

You had your wife suck a big black ****? Wow. I love you guys already.

Wow very hot story.

damn ,,,just damn

sweet wife you have

Wow ! what a sexy hot naughty wife you are babe ! growl !

Nice story, hot too! We had a similar experience at one of the last adult book stores in town (it's gone now...). My wife Linda was really hot one Saturday night. We didn't have any current FBs at the time, so I told her about the adult book store, and she wanted to check it out. She had a blast and we went back several times. There was no pretense of using a condom, though, Linda wanted it all, and got it when a sexy guy joined her in the booth, bent her over the little bench and took her while I watched.

What theater do yall go too would like to join

What a great story and idea...we have to try that, my wife loves to have guys enter her while I watch...

Let me know whathat bookstore yall go too

Very hot story! Thanks for sharing.

am a fellow houstonian

Love the story, my wife loves big ***** too we tried that at smoochies one night with a guy we met, she had a blast!

Did the guy **** her in the theater? Were there others in there too?

No it was in one of the boothes

Wow... I've wanted to go to a bookstore and play, but never had the nerve. Now I know, I need to go! I just need to find a guy to take me - and bring my own condoms LOL. Thanks for a wonderfully erotic story.

Wow very hot story ...i love loose, sloppy seconds they are my favorite

You tell a good story. Very entertaining. Next time, take pictures and post them, will you?

Fantastic story. I wish I could talk my wife into trying that.

was not her first time to do another guy. We had been swinging for a while already, but was her first BBC.

hot hot hot!

Thanks for the nice comments.

Love the story. Taking the wife to a book store to play is very hot. It brings out a whole new person in her.

Thank you.

Thanks for the nice comments. Glad yall like the story.

This is the first story about glory hole play that I've actually wanked over.....thanks your wife sounds just perfect......I hope to read more of her sexploits :-))

loved it!!!

We don't do the bookstores anymore, but make up for it at the parties. Much better to **** on a bed and really get after it.

That is such a damn hot story. I'm not big and not black, but the thought of pumping my **** into your hot wife in such a sleazy joint gets me rock hard. Does she talk about it much? And does she want to do it again?

as often as I can, kraut12

Great story and well written. Hope to hear of more adventures.<br />

great story... I must visit that theater.. I live in the woodlands

What a hot story, thanks so much for sharing. Looks like I should be leaving now for the book store..lol

This is an awesome story. I jerk off every time I read it...Thanks for sharing....

Ridiculously awesome story! Got hot thinking about it...please add:)

Great story, I hope you have more adventures like this!

Not many left here in Texas either. Wish there were. What all did you guys do at the glory holes, slikmac?

Fantastic story! You have done exactly what I've been trying to get my wife to do! Would love to see her taken by a big black **** sticking through a glory hole in an ABS in San Diego! I'm going to get her to read this story and see if it helps convince her that it's okay!

Wow, hard, dripping and wanna be next ;)

This an amazingly awesome story. It really turns me on and I am incredibly envious. I would love to pump several of my loads into your wife's already *** filled *****, or share her with you anytime.

great story weve been to the book stores alot over the years ... and have talk about the rooms just recently ... may go this friday...just depends on how much she drinks before we go... she does turn's it too a pure **** when she getts drunk... LOT'S of FUN

Great story. I would love to have my wife try that someday.

funseeker, we have met some more since then. Mostly from swinger sites and some from referals.

Yea, even though I am at the upper range of "normal", once my wife sampled a really big, thick black ****, she wanted another and then another.

We did seek out others for her and and very pleased with what we found. Being in a large metropolitan area, we have many to choose from. Believe me when I tell you that there are some very large ***** in Houston, Texas.

Great story

i want read

Great story! Love to read about more of your adventures.

Love the story, always nice to have a great ending!!

amazing story got me hard as a rock

Great story. It will only take me 45 mins to be at that bookstore

Very hot story! I liked it.

Very erotic story, sounds like an adventure that will rest in your memory banks for years.

Its close to the airport on Hwy. 59 and Will Clayton.

Loved you story...sounds like a good time was had by all...

I've seen lots of **** where guys with big ***** ****** small girls, but to actually see a real big **** **** a small ***** was unbelievable. and for it to be my wife made it even more exciting. I know that the drinks had something to do with it, but neither of us regreted it after the fact. She was a little sore the next day as she had never been stretched like that, but it made for great sex for a while. Hoping to get her tipsy again and have an experience as good as this one was.

wow that did sound like an excting nght for you two - Would loved to have been able to watch too. Has your wife gotten hooked on stange **** now ? Is she out looking for bBG's to **** on a regular basis now ? How do you handle that ?

MMmmm - great story! I hope you do it again in the future too! I also hope I will be there when you do!