My Glory Hole Girl

Last night (actually, very early this morning), we had a really hot time at an adult book store where I got to watch my girlfriend get ****** by a lot of different guys. At my suggestion, she wore my favorite latex/rubber outfit. It's a pair of black latex slacks with red trim. They're open in the back to completely expose her ***. And, there is an oval opening in the front that exposes her ****. They also have two narrow latex straps, that are attached to the front of the waist band and go up around her neck, just covering her nipples but leaving the rest of her huge **** exposed. Over that, she wore a black latex micro mini dress that unzips down the front.

We started the evening at one of our favorite bars. And, believe me, that outfit got a lot of attention. After a couple of drinks, she was feeling very relaxed and didn't protest when I unzipped the dress down to her waist so that guys could check out her gorgeous 40E ****. I stood behind her, running my hands up and down her thighs, occasionally lifting her very short skirt and flashing her smooth shaved *****.

Several guys were brave enough to come over and play with her **** and ***, and one guy spent several minutes fingering her *****, but there was nobody who either of us thought was a good candidate to invite home with us. One of the things I love about her is that, after a few drinks, she can't wait to get laid.

That's how we ended up at the adult book store. As soon as we entered one of the larger booths and locked the door, I unzipped her dress and peeled it off her. I sat on a bench and watched her squatting in front of the glory hole, sucking one **** after another. All the while, I was egging her on, encouraging her to swallow their loads.

Pretty soon, she said that her legs were getting tired, so I decided to give her ***** a workout. I moved the bench over in front of the glory hole, and I sat on the bench. Then, I had her lie down with her back on my lap. When I held her legs all the way back, her ***** was right at the same height as the glory hole. As soon as I saw a good sized **** appear through the glory hole, I scooted her forward and eased her onto his ****, pushing her right up against the glory hole.

I could hear the guys belt buckle banging against the wall every time he thrusted his hard **** into her. And, the best part was that I had the perfect vantage point to see his **** ******* her. She moaned continuously until his **** exploded, pumping his load into her. After he left the adjoining booth, I heard the door open and close several times as different guys entered then left.

I pulled her back a little ways from the glory hole while we waited to see who would be next. She was relaxing there on my lap, with a satisfied grin on her face, and one hand massaging her ****. Glancing at the time on my watch, I knew that the bars were closing, which would bring a flood of horny men into the book store, anxious to get off before they went home. And, I wanted to turn this into an all night gang bang.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out a glass pipe, used a lighter to heat its contents, and sucked the smoke into my lungs, then pressed my lips against my girlfriend's lips and blew the smoke into her lungs. The second time I heated the pipe, I placed it between her lips and let her slowly inhale all of the smoke. Although her body was completely relaxed, she was rapidly massaging her ****, and moving her hips as if she was slowly riding a ****. It was obvious that she was practically begging to be ******.

Luckily, there was a thick **** pushing through the glory hole, and I immediately slid her forward, impaling her hungry **** on it. She let out a loud gasp as he pulled back, then drove it into her, again and again, stretching her **** and driving her wild. As soon as he shot his load deep inside her ****, he left, and I could hear the doors of the booths continuously opening and closing, each guy looking for what he wanted.

I really get off on watching big dicks (especially extra thick ones) ******* her, so that's what I kept looking for. And, we never had to wait for more than a few minutes. She got to have an almost continuous supply of thick slabs of **** pounding her ****.

Four hours later, the book store had become pretty quiet, but my girlfriend was still raring to go, even after taking 16 ***** ******* her hard through the glory hole. But, it looked like we'd have to continue the party at home.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2011

Hubby and I went to an ABS a few months ago but not to the booths we went to the theatre and they had a gyno table I laid on while guys lined up to **** me. It was a great night!<br />
<br />

Wow ! I love that visual.

I call BS. Are either of you the least bit afraid of a STD?. I mean the action is great but the intercourse should be done with a condom,,,,no?

When I go to those booths I think it is my MILF of a wife on the other side suxkin my coxk as I explode in her mouth. I think I can talk her into it. She has had a few since we have been married.

I've been to a few, but never seen anything as hot as this. Sweet....

Hmm I've never been to one either I guess. I gotta look harder