Took Wife To Adult Theater For The First Time...

I've been trying to get my wife to go for sometime, we'd talked about going to an adult theater for months. We are both 29 years old and my wife is a knock-out. She's 5'6 120 with long blond hair, she has high B cup breasts that are nice and perky with sensitive pink nipples. She looks much younger than her age and could easily pull off looking in high school, which is great when she dresses as a naughty school girl for me. She is very shy, but has a desire for adventure and with my assistance usually finds the courage to take the leap. Last night we finally went to the adult theater...

The place we decided to go to was on 15th avenue in Melrose Park. It's a thirty minute drive from where we live, which we hoped would mean that we would not see anybody there we knew. She was wearing a very short black skirt with a low cut silver top and high heels. She had a black g string on that had little hearts on it. She also had put on a nice portion of make-up. I couldn't wait to show her off. Whenever we go on a sexual adventure like this she likes to have a few drinks first to help her loosen up, so that's what we did on this occasion. We stopped at a bar close to the theater and as soon as we walked in all eyes fell on my wife. I had a beer and she ordered a long island ice tea. The bartender was new and made it very strong, which was good. When talking about going to a theater we had discussed what she'd be willing to do and it seemed everything was a maybe. She might show her ****, she might let another man feel her up, she might give a blow-job. She told me sex with someone there tonight was a big NO, but I still new we'd have fun. I was excited because the only man she had ever been with was me and the thought of others being with her excited me more than anything else, especially if it was a black man. Well, we finished our drinks and drove the short distance to the theater.

I had a little trouble finding the entrance because it was in back, but find it I did. The parking lot was packed and I realized the place must be very busy on Saturday night. I parked and we gave each other one last look before we exited the car and walked inside. One of the first things that hit me was the smell. The whole place smelled like ****. We seen the owner and then from the back came another man that looked to be in his mid fifties that began openly looking my wife up and down. He must have been leaving but mentally was regretting it after seeing us walk in. I told the owner that it was our first time here and he let us in for free, even offering to give us a tour of the place. I nodded and we started to follow him, my wife reaching out to hold my hand. First he led us into the theater, it was pretty big, able to hold at least fifty people. He explained that the last three rows on the left were couples only. I noticed the two men in the theater turn and check out my wife. He then led us around a corner to the shower room where there was a man completely naked who looked at us, then the steam room. After that he led us to the back of the place where he pointed out the restrooms and the TV room where it was crowded with people in the back corner I could see a bald black man eating out the **** of a woman laying on her back, her large breasts completely exposed. Men were gathered around the woman, I assume, waiting for their turn. Many eyes turned and fixed on my wife. Tour over, we headed back to the theater to have a seat.

I led her to the back row of the couples section. We had a seat and almost immediately the place started filling up. The door would open and three guys would come in, then two more, then three more, then two more, until there was at least twenty guys in the room with us. My wife was the only female. I started playing with her ***** over her panties and told her to relax. I glanced to the side of the theater and noticed all eyes on us. After a while I asked if I could take her top off, she nodded. I slipped her top over her head and placed it in my jacket pocket. Her **** were exposed to all these men and I was loving it. Soon the men began to stand behind us to get a better view to the disappointment of those still seated. I went back to playing with her ***** over her panties. After a few minutes I asked her if I could call a few people over to feel her ****, she said no, I then asked if I could call one over, she said yes. I glanced over and seen all these people, how would I choose? Just about when I was decided a new person came in, a black man. Before he could take a seat I asked him if he'd like to sit by us and play. He nodded and sat down. I told him he could feel her ****. He reached out and began feeling her right *** and squeezing her nipple. He then felt the other breast as I continued to play over her panties. She closed her eyes and began to relax. Others in the room must have taken this a sign they could join in because soon there were people standing all around us. Before I could say anything hands from behind reached down and began grabbing for her breasts and squeezing. When one hand would pull away another would take its place. I watched as some played with her nipples others would be more aggressive and squeeze her entire breast. Since there was no longer any room on her **** the black man I had invited over began to take my place over her panties. He slid his fingers up and down over her ****. This went on for a few more minutes until he tried to move her panties to the side. She stopped him and then opened her eyes and noticed all the people around her feeling instantly uncomfortable. Many were openly ******* off with their pants down. At this point I had to tell everyone to step back and give her some space. They did. After a moment or two the black man went back to playing with her ***** over her panties. She then told the guy he could now move her panties to the side. I asked her if I could take them off instead, she nodded. I slipped them down her legs and over her heels. I then pulled her left leg closer to me, spreading her legs wider for the black guy. She closed her eyes once more and soon the group behind us moved forward again and began fondling her **** again. She started shaking slightly and I knew she was not far from *******, but then the black guy whispered to her that a man ******* off behind her had just *** all over the floor. She opened her eyes noticed the crowd again and looked at me with those eyes that meant it was time to go. I gave her shirt and panties back, told the crowd we were done for tonight. The black guy shook my hand an thanked me. We walked out of the place back to our car and started home. We both agreed she'd done a great job for her first time there and both talked about what she'd be willing to do the next time we go, which I hope will be soon. When we got home I visualized all those strangers hands all over her sexy body as I ****** her hard two times. As I squeezed her *** I realized others had not had the satisfaction of playing with her tight *** yet and knew that is one thing I'd have to let those guys do next time.
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Great story. Have you two gone back? If so how about telling us. My **** is still hard. I love playing with couples in **** theaters

Way to go! I'd love to read more about your experiences with your girl!

I would love to get my wife to do this.

Superb story! Sexy and well written. Thanks!

loved your story. My wife and I had a very similar experience at fantasyland in tampa. we plan on going back in march. she thinks she is ready to take the next step...

I see you know her eye signs, that is good, take some time to let the memories work on her. Re-enforce them by repeating parts of those erotic touching moments by standing behind her and caressing her breasts, once she gets going prod her memory of the black man stroking her *****, remind her she told him to move her panties so she could feel his flesh in her ! Carefully though as she is a precious flower from which not one petal should fall.