Almost There Got Her Inside

My ex-girlfriend and I were having wild sex one night and I told her I was going to take her to an adult bookstore. She was immensely turned on by the thought. I quickly dressed, but did not let her put any clothes on. I led her out naked to the car (I grabbed a coat that was long enough to cover her *** and *****, but did not let her put it on).

I played with her ***** and **** for the 7 mile drive to the store and told her she was likely to get ****** by several strangers once we arrived. She came several times in the car. I was hard beyond belief.

Once we arrived at the store, she chickened out and would not go in. Disappointing, but I just took her home and ****** her some more.
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Sorry to hear it didn't go all the way but I know from similar experiences how amazing it was anyway, as far as it went. There will always be never know when that magic moment will come along!

I wish you and I could do that!! I wouldn't chicken out!! I would get off on you "forcing" me into The adult store. Having hold of my arm at the elbow pushing me towards the back of the store where you had prearranged five guys to **** me. They had cleared out a room and placed a couch, a couple different chairs ... before we went in you put a blind fold on me.. And kissed me long and passionately pushing me up against a wall.. Pulling the coat open and grabbing my ***** forcing 2 fingers in finger ******* me finding my Gspot easily as I had become surprisingly excited and with just a little amount of pumping My legs began to shake and quiver and my ***** convulse and I proceeded to *** and squirt exploded from me .... I had to cling to you to keep from falling.... You laughed and said I was such a hot sexy *****... And that I was ready to be used like one... We walked through the door and you announced " here you go boys... Do me proud... I expect to carry her out of here"

I would have offered her mouth, *** and ***** to anyone and everyone in the store.

now tell the story like it wud have happened when u took her in naked =)

You got a lot of great sex out it, that's what counts