Fun In Joplin

My beautiful wife and I had been traveling all day and were tired. We had traveled about 700 miles and needed to rest. We were almost to Joplin and decided to call it a day. We got a hotel and a couple of beers and thought we would go to the casino for a bit. After we got to the casino we had another beer and played the machines for about half an hour. The machines were not being very good to us so we decided to leave.
On the way into Joplin we discussed an adult bookstore that I had stopped at once before to pick up a toy at. To my surprise, on the way back to the hotel she said “Let’s go put on a Good Show”. I asked her if she was sure, but she reassured me that she was.
We pulled in the parking lot to find that there were several cars in the lot. As we went in we purchased a ticket for the theater but went into the arcade area to check it out. We got in there to find that there were no doors on the rooms. But we went into a room and I put a couple of dollars into the machine. We settled on a movie and she was sitting on my lap. As we looked around we noticed a glory hole in the wall. I was rubbing her boobs while we watched the movie. I had her top pulled up and continued to play with them as a group of 4 or 5 men made their way to our door to watch. She got a little embarrassed but I told her it was ok. The money ran out and the screen went blank but the men said not to worry. They dug into their pockets and one of them reached in and put money into the machine and told us that if it ran out again that they would take care of it.
The man closest to us at the door said to push the buddy button on the wall and we said ok. When the window cleared we saw about 5 men in the room next to us with the glory hole in it. Then he asked us if it was ok for him to pull his **** out and rub it while he watched. We told him we didn’t care if he did. He then asked my wife if she wanted to touch it but she said no thank you. He was a light skinned black man, clean looking and the best looking man there. He was also VERY polite. He stood there for the whole thing with his **** out and rubbing it most of the time.
I then got her up and sat her down on the bench and she slid off her pants, and as I already knew there were not panties under them. She sucked on my **** as they watched and then I scooted down and ate her sweet bald little ***** for a bit to make sure it was nice and wet. I then started to enter her but the angle was not good. The man in the door finally offered to hold her leg for her so that she could open up better for me. We still joke about how he asked (“Ma’am do you want me to hold your leg? Let me hold your leg for you Ma’am”). She said ok, so here I am having sex with my wife while another man is holding her leg for me. The room was so small I couldn’t get a good position for her so she stood up and bent over facing the glory hole and I was working her from behind but it still was not working well so we turned around and she faced the man and bent over for me. He asked her if she wanted him to hold her shoulders for her. She said ok, so here she is with a man standing in front of her, with his **** out within inches of her face, and holding her shoulders so that I can **** her from behind. We both knew what he wanted; he was obviously hoping that she would start sucking him while she was there. But, it did not happen.
I finally came and we started to get dressed as the guys spread out to other areas. After getting dressed we went to the theater and looked around for a few minutes and decided that we should have put on our show there. We would have been so much more comfortable.
We made a pass thru the arcade on the way out to find another couple in a booth. The men told the ones in the front to let us in so we could watch. The woman was on her knees sucking him. It was nice to watch but too crowded and one of the guys was rubbing on my butt, so we left.
On the way back to the hotel my wife told me she was scared that the man in the next room was going to put his **** through the glory hole. I laughed and said what would you do if he did? She said probably nothing…LOL. We got back to the hotel room and started round two. In that round she got to *** also.
It was a good night and I hope to do it again soon!!
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1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Great story. Thanks for sharing. I am really new to the adult book/video store concept. I have tried a few places with virtually no luck. I'm sure that part of my problem is that I'm always just passing through, don't show up at the right times, and don't have the time to hang out. I'll keep trying!