Showing Her Off

My wife and I had been out to a party and were very tipsy so we decided to have some fun.  We stopped off at an adult bookstore in the town we were in and i convinced her to take off her panties and bra and go inside.  Once there we saw it was all men milling around and checking out the movies and books.  We separated but I kept an eye on her and she wandered around bending over so the guys could see down her shirt.  As the night progressed i noticed she had unbuttoned more buttons and her **** were almost hanging out.  This one guy was following her around and checking her out big time.  As she bent over you could clearly see her nipples.  I watched him enter the aisle she was in and then she kind of jumped and said it was time to leave.  Back in the car she told me that as he walked by her he slipped his hand up her dress and felt her *** and crack.  We will go back.

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4 Responses Feb 19, 2009

miketenn - I sure as hell do!!! Tell us all about your adventures. How far has she gone? Have you gotten her naked in public yet?

So do you want to hear more?

we have gone back and she is now into it. loves the attention both with looks and touches. let us know if you want to hear more

Well, of course we want to hear more.... Spill, brother...

nice story. cool that your wife is open minded. my wife and i are getting into the book store thing. we are going back tomorrow night. it took a while for us to get comfortable enough to start living out our fantasies. take it slow and have fun.