Once, many years ago (before I was married) I was at a residential conference in London - staying at part of the University. One evening I had dinner alone with another woman at the same meeting. There was no agenda, though I did find her very fanciable. We had a very affable dinner, but there wasn't any real chemistry, and it was clear there would be no seduction scene. We went back to the college, and later I was approached by another woman, attending a different meeting whom I'd spoken to casually earlier. She ostensibly wanted some information from me that would require me to go back to my room - it really wasn't particularly plausible, and I had the distinct impression that she was interested in something else.... The problem was that I'd consumed most of the bottle of wine that I'd 'shared' with my dinner partner (and more besides) and was really (in the words of The Dead Kennedys) 'Too drunk to ****'. Quel domage!
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Very unfortunate a wasted bottle of wine could have been put to very good use.