I Petted a Girl And Went Missing

Sometime in High School

So this is one of those nights that I laugh about, but also feel should never happen again. I took some Vicodin, some Percocet, and some Valium. I only took small dosages of each, as I didn't want to pass out or die. Well, needless to say, in about an hour I was really high. I went over to a buddies house. I figured I'de be fine as long as I didn't drink. Well... my memory ends here. The rest of this is from other peoples' accounts of my behavior and reviewing the photos on my camera the next day.

I guess I had a beer, and from there just went completely bonkers. I was taking shots of tequilla. Sometimes I talked in gibberish. I tried to light a cigarette off a stick of incense in his house. My buddy stopped me and said I had to smoke outside. I apologized and said I was attracted to the glowing end of the incense like a bug to a light. Later on when most people were passed out, I was seen stalking around the house like a ninja, and talking gibberish the whole time. This part takes the cake. I snuck up to this passed out girl, petted her on the head, and said "human!". I woke up in the bathroom, lying next to my buddy, under a pile of girls clothes. He was pretty freaked out by this since he swore he locked the door before he went in there... was I hiding in there? waiting for someone to come in? who knows.

Anywase, I had lost my phone, and hadn't told my parents that I was going to spend the night. They had been trying to get ahold of me, and were about a minute away from calling the police and reporting me missing. I called them and told them I was coming home. I left at about 9:30am, and got home around noon. It's a 30 minute drive tops. I have no idea why it took me two and a half hours to get home. A mystery to this day...

Too much drugs.
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cant stop laughing...!

"This part takes the cake. I snuck up to this passed out girl, petted her on the head, and said "human!".<br />
<br />
This part was hilarious!! I just get this really funny mental picture.