I R Alice Too.

You Are Alice

You are curious, brave, and inquisitive. You can't help but be interested in the world around you.

You are a bit of a loner and a total daydreamer. Your inner world is very colorful and vivid.

At times, your real life seems dull and completely unbearable. You wish you could escape to a whole other world.

While you have a wild spirit, you are quite gentle and polite. You tend to observe more than act - and you tread lightly.

HangingTree HangingTree
18-21, M
3 Responses Apr 3, 2010

If only we would be able to live inside our dreams and ignore reality.<br />
<br />
I would still want an awesome had like Hatter. :D

I believe I am Alice because there is no place in the world I would go but inside my dreams where I can dream anything in the world and in my dream there is a whole another world like no other and maybe one day that dream could come true.

I wanna be the hatter... I want his suit... <br />
<br />