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Your Birthday Is Tan

You are the blunt type. You give it to people straight, whether they want to hear it or not.
You are a bit self centered at times. You put your own interests first, but you'd argue that everyone does that.

While you love to be flattered, you're pretty good at flattering other people back.
You can make anyone smile or laugh. You have a talent for saying the right thing at the right time.


meh, so so on the description. I wouldn't say it's more than a little accurate.  I don't always say the right thing for example.  It's easier online because you can think longer before posting but face to face it's a lot more difficult and sometimes it takes a while to think of a reply at all.
I put my foot in my mouth too often...

today i was somewhere and a kid got sick in the public bathroom.  it smelled so an employee (and acquaintance) went to spray air freshener... among all those who were commenting about it being a little kid, or it must be a flu bug or a stomach bug, or whatnot, all i could think to say, lame as it was, is that baking soda gets rid of odor better.  I was thinking that the perfumy air freshener might just cover the odor for a little while and then people with allergies would have issues going to that bathroom although i didn't say any of that.  So my comment sounded lame and I felt it even more when the tart reply was "I don't have any baking soda" which I already knew.

so open mouth and insert foot... I should have just nodded to what was being said and not say half a sentence even though i was thinking of people with allergies... half a thought is by no means saying the right thing...
ElvenLady ElvenLady 36-40, F Jun 1, 2012

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