the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness. Forever playful, Monkeys are the masters of practical jokes. Even though their intentions are always good, this desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and hurt feelings.

Although they are inherently intellectual and creative, Monkeys at times have trouble exhibiting these qualities. When that happens, they appear to others to be confused. But nothing could be further from the truth as Monkeys thrive on being challenged. Monkeys prefer urban life to rural, and their favorite pastime is people-watching. ( so true )

Water Monkey – Years 1932 and 1992(me)

Water Monkeys are extremely sensitive and often feel hurt by the things that are said to them. They refuse to show their sensitive side to others and as a result, are extreme jokesters. If they can stay focused, they can succeed, but more often than not, they’re easily distracted from their goals.
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This is so weird :c i have got the Zodiac -Metal Dragon- But it doesn't fit me AT ALL, i'm born on 2000, i'm more simular to a Monkey . And i hardly get mad, i'm seen as the prankster in class, i have lots of friends, and i'm easily distracted from my goal. c:

I'm a monkey too!

Very interesting =) I am a Water Pig =) I did a story in the Group
I Think My Zodiac Symbol Fits Me - A Chinese Water Pig =)
I like the Chinese Zodiac mostly because the Greek doesn't make any sense and it doesn't suits my personality, the Chinese has the best comparison towards me...
Do you know what your "Trine" is your Quest in life, well click or copy the link from my story, the Wiki link... There you can grope around in the Chinese Zodiac all you like =)
I quote ttvelvet "Thank you for this"