You Are The Dog

Like a dog, you are a completely loyal and devoted friend. People can count on you.

You are brave and a good leader. You like belonging to a pack, and you get restless if you're alone for too long.

You tend to accept and love everyone no matter what. But when someone is a bad seed, you know it right away.

You have a bad temper occasionally, and you're protective of the ones you love. You will stand up and fight to make sure no one gets hurt.

woof woof.

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31-35, F
8 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I posted the URL in the desc<x>ription. You can now find it.

I was asking for the Quiz URL Address and in this Group Header, I noticed that it finally had this URL Address in it, but the URL Address is not doing service by it being the same Address for which is this Group is. This is being the same URL Address that is this one is in already. This is not the Quiz Site. I will try to do a Blogthings Search for it and hopefully Post the Correct URL Address in my Story. What a hard way to go. Perseverance! I was hoping to avoid.

This is strange as all get out. I was given a like in the previous comment, but where is the Answer? Is it Blogthings?

Where is the URL Address so I can find the Quiz?

Yeah. They say that they are right most of the time.

lol yeah I'm the Chinese rat. I think some of the description is accurate but definitely not all of it

well. You have go take that for yourself. You can find out "how accurate is it?"Everyone is going to be different but sometime people are going to have same results.

how accurate is it?