A Very Casual Home

My wife and I have relaxed nude around home since we first got together, and have enjoyed the comforts of being nude since. Early on, we would throw something on when someone stopped by.  While I could get by with clipping on shorts, it frustrated my wife that she also had to wear a top.  She's always been one who felt tops for women were unnecessary anyplace men didn't need one.
One afternoon a friend stopped by.  Jim was a good friend, and he usually just opened the door and asked if we were decent as he walked in.  I grabbed a pair of shorts and slipped them on before he got to the door, and Jill retrieved her clothes from our bedroom.
As she walked toward our room, she said she was only getting shorts.  She had told me a number of times that one day she was going to stop putting on tops for company, and I always told her it was her choice.  I have to admit that while I was honestly fine with her views on not wearing tops, I also liked the idea of her topless with others around.
That afternoon, she returned from our room wearing only a pair of cutoff sweats.  As Jim was coming in the door, Jill walked from our bedroom to the kitchen.  She said "hi" on her way and kept walking.  Jim had a bit of a surprised look on his face as he returned his "hi Jill", and after a pause he said "Looking Good" and smiled.  I happened to turn and catch Jill out of the corner of my eye, and she was topless.  I instantly got a proud feeling.  Proud of Jill for being true herself, and that she didn't seem to care that she was seen topless.  From that point on, she started going topless around people she was comfortable with.  This included friends, some family and neighbors that we were social with.

Our casualness with clothing continues as we started our family.  We have three kids (g,b,g) who have all grown up knowing the comforts of being nude.  As each kid reached 5-6 years of age, we had then start putting on shorts when we did.  By age 11, or oldest daughter had to wear a top when her mom did.  While she didn't like having to wear shorts at age 6, she didn't seem to mind too much when a top was needed. 
Our youngest daughter is a bit more of a free spirit, like her mom, and we usually had to tell her more than once to put something on.  When she was 14, she asked why she ever had to wear a top at home.  She saw no reason for it, and asked if she could decide for herself when and for who she covered.  There was much discussion with her and with her siblings input, as well as discussion between Jill and I without interruption from kids.  While I completely trusted my wife's judgement of who she was topless around, I wasn't convinced that our daughter would exercise the same discression.  Jill, however, was very confident in our daughters ability to make good choices.  While it's not always easy to give ones kids the freedom to make their own choices, we do have to let them grow and mature.  I relented, and we allowed both of our daughters to decide for themselves when they covered up.

This discussion was four years ago, and since then we have had a topless home.  Jill and the girls seldom wear tops for visitors.  While they do cover for those who are uncomfortable, most friends and family have become accustomed to the casualness of our home.  Our son has always been good about not bringing his friends in just to see his sisters and mom, we are very proud of him. 
We know that both of our daughters have been topless away from home as well, but they continue to use good judgement.
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I wonder why only topless? If the family likes a nudist way to live, why not adopt full nudism at home? Whats the problem? The naturism / nudism is health and save money and nature because there are less clothes to wash, dry and a lot of other advantages.

We enjoy a nudist lifestyle, but not everyone needs to see everyone nude. We are not ashamed, but we are vigilant.

Is this your blog?

You have raised your children wonderfully. What a great family environment!

I think your and your family's evolution to nudity at home has been beneficial for all of you. You're kids are comfortable with themselves which as parents, is most important.

It is so great that the children can be at ease at home, where they should be most comfortable!
You guys are doing a wonderful job with them!

Nothing wrong with this preference, many women choose the term 'topfree' to indicate they just want to be free to show their breasts. It is an important step in the direction of acceptance of nudity. We try to be 'bottomfree' as well, just not to wear any clothes while at home.

do your daughters ever make it hard for you lol

It is a wonderful way to raise a confident family

I grew up in a clothing opp home with one sister, we were aloud to be naked from toddlers on. My mom was topless quite a lot during summer months, she would cover for some people but not for others, my parents were not full time nudist but both would be naked at times when warm.

Family skinny dipping was common. My mom had a couple of lady friends that would come over and tan topless or naked. My sister had a couple of girlfriends from school that would enjoy our pool naked most of the time.

As we grew into our teens we continued to enjoy our nudist lifestyle and so did some of our friends, and some thought we were alittle strange, a few said they would love to try it but never would.

I still enjoy nudism as much as I can and the weather will allow. My two daughters grew up in a clothing opp home as well, both now in their 40's, one still enjoys the nudist lifestyle with her own family.