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She's Topless At Home

My wife started going topless when we got our first home, it didn't have air conditioning and she was cooler without. as she became more comfortable topless, she would not out one on when good friends visited. While the other women were not expected to also be topless, some would and did quite often.
After a year of so, she was topless when most of our extended families visited and most friends. While our yard was not totally private, she could be topless on our patio and some of the yard. Our neighbors were also used to her being topless and only a few minded. They new to call before coming over, as did friends who were not comfortable, or felt their kids didn't need to see.
When we had kids, she still remained topless. It is normal to them, as they see her without more than with when home. They understand that it is not common and not necessarily accepted by society, so they keep it quiet. While our daughters relax around the house topless, we have had them cover for other than immediate family. Our son knows better than to bring a friend in without warning and making everyone is covered.
I have always enjoyed bringing others into our home on occasion, knowing they will see my wife topless. She knows what I'm doing, and has never objected.
Ismiles Ismiles 46-50, M 9 Responses Jul 30, 2010

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Can I come to your house?

My mom went topless and sometimes naked from when I was very small. There were certain people she would cover for, others no.

I would say my parents were social nudist. Sometimes there were pool party's where most were naked, other times everyone wore at least a swim suit. When I was a little guy it was confusing sometimes you had to wear kit other times no.

Sounds like you have a very cool and open family

Now I am mostly nude. When people come to our house I answer the door nude. If I feel their need I serve it.

I was very shy and ashamed at first but now I feel I am expressing my natural self. I think this is what Jesus meant when he said he brings love. I think he was probably a sexual man but the sickos who want to control sexuality place restrictions.

I was at a friends house last summer. There were some workmen and I ended up asking if I could borrow a bedroom. She was very shocked, but I felt their need and when I see a bulge in a mans pants I must feel him shoot inside me.


you both have a wonderful relationship, and great family too! My wife is the same way at home!

Most of my nudist friends are the same way. If only none of us had to cover up in order to be sensitive to the views of others. When I go to someone else's home they don't ***** to make me more comfortable, right?

You're absolutely right about that, Molly, but it made me chuckle. It reminded me of the "requirement" that men should put the toilet seat down after using it. The reverse of that, though, is that women should put the seat up after using it.

I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

I do treasure her, and feel fortunate that she puts up me too! :) I think it's wonderful that you can be nude or topless with friends, and that your friends are also accepting.