Wife Surprised Me

We were in Rio de Janeiro.  There were no topless women where we were at and the beach was very crowded.  Lots of girls there wore string bikinis and thong bottoms.  I kidded my wife about how conservative her suit was.  Later, I went for a walk along the beach.  When I came back, she was topless but laying on her stomach.  About five minutes later she rolled over laid out topless.

There were a few funny things about this.  First, at Rio lots of guys are on the beach selling things.  They walk up to you and try to make the sale.  We had LOTS of guys coming and trying to sell stuff.  It was funny seeing my wife trying to get them to leave when they were enjoying the show.  Second, the couple next to us turned their lounge chairs around so the guy could have a better view.  My wife is really conservative and never wears low cut blouses or goes without a bra.  There she was with no blouse and no bra on one of the busiest most crowded beaches in the world.

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6 Responses Jun 26, 2009

You know here in America women have been made to feel that unless they've got perfect hollywood model breasts they aren't attractive and therefor we're very hesitant to let anyone we know see us topless or even in a string bikini. However, once on vacation I said to myself, "what the hell" and took off my top knowing I'd never see anyone there again and was very surprised to see that despite what I've thought all these years, men do find my body attractive and I foun it to be a very positive, boost to my self esteem. I've gone topless many times since and nearer to home and have always walked away feeling good about myself and not even as embarrased as I was wearing a bikini that I didn't entirely fill out.

More power to her! She is obviously a beautiful woman, nice that she is comfortable sharing her charms.

Did you guys talk about it? Did she say she did it for you? Did she say she got thrills from it?

Can u send your toless wife's photographs<br />

Long live topless beaches & the women who make them beautiful places to go! I love it when Lynn gets the same kind of "idle" chat from male passers, who are just there to enjoy a closer view. She won't roll over or cover up...she'll just let them have a full view & write it off to "Men!" Add us to your friends.

Outstanding! I don't know how I'd deal with my lover showing off her top at a beach like that... I guess I never gave it much thought. I'd probably be jealous, but then realize how silly she'd feel with all those guys staring at her. Good for you to take it with ease. <br />
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"We the people", make more of things than we should sometimes I believe. A woman should technically be able to walk around like a man without a shirt right? Heh, well... I hope life keeps coming at you with a little surprise every now and again. Keeps you going. <br />
-Live Well