Lived to Tell It...

Tornados are awesome to see............from a far away distance, problem is the lastest that i was in was close.....way too close. It was a mile wide F4. the alarms did not even go off. on the news it said to take shelter, then the electricity went out. i procrastinated to hide in our bathtub or to go over to an acquaintence house to their basement. i decided to get in the car and drive a few blocks to friends basement. while getting in my car it was very still/quiet and very dark everywhere. i got to my friends house it was getting very windy more than did i get into her house and on the first step to go downstairs, we heard what sounded like a frieght train go over us. i ran the rest of the way down. when it was devastation to the town. my car was pushed over on its side and against what ruble of a use to be garage behind her house. a neighbors boat was up in a tree. people belongings everywhere, houses, garages, barns, vehicals, all in shambles. but we were lucky for our lives. ill not procrastinate when it comes to tornados again.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

WOW! Very scary. You are lucky to be okay. My town was devastated by a tornado in the 80's.<br />
Next time get in a shelter earlier!!<br />
God Bless,<br />