Sad Songs, Sad Stories... Sad Old Me

I'll switch off the lights, tuck myself in bed... listen to something really sad and read the saddest stories I can find and just start crying. Been doin this for two years and I don't see an end in sight.

But at least I dun think bout jumpin out of my window anymore. But I still miss her so much.

'It's awfully simple to fall in love, it's simply awful to fall out of love'... tell me bout it.
sWatChquest sWatChquest
22-25, M
2 Responses Mar 16, 2007

I know the feeling. Of course, for me it is a guy, but I've been there before. I'm sad for a long time after a bad relationship. Especially after relationship #3. That hurt me the most by far. The first one where the guy broke up with me. I was crushed even more when he asked my best friend out. It stings, I know.

Just always remember there is someone else out there meant for you