All the Time!

I always do this and it winds me up sometimes!

There are a few songs that when i listen to them i cry! I have special meanings behind these songs about people who have passed on!

But when i feel upset i always put them on! just to see if ill cry and of course i do as the memories just come flooding back and then I'm sat hysterically crying!!

But when the songs have finished and Ive finally let it all out! i then think why!!! i tell myself to stop crying and get a grip on life and move on as there isn't i can do for them but prove to myself and them that I'm okay with everything and get things sorted!!! n to make them proud of me not acting like a sniveling wreck!!
sazead sazead
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2 Responses Mar 25, 2007

thankyou very much! i totally agree! it does make more sense than hurting myself and others!

i think crying is a very healthy and cleansing coping skill ... its alot healthier than alot of other ones at least dont be so hard on your self for crying i mean you could be cutting or using drugs to cope so i say YEAH CRYING !!!