Its a Good Release

I get in a down mood alot because I let my problems get in the way of the posative things in my life, my way of leaving my problems behind is sitting in my room alone and lisning to some powerful music that just speaks to me. I dont necceseraly need slow upsetting music to make me cry I like to have a cry to music that empowers me with so much optimism, it helps me.

I find it hard to open up to people and cry infront of them and tell them whats wrong so it may sound silly and pointless to others but they deal with things by talking about them and crying with their friends I find that hard and music is the only thing that will really drive me to pour out all my problems and cry.

I don't cry often but when i do i feel so much better.

lifenotknife lifenotknife
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2 Responses Apr 9, 2007

Thanks alot that really helps xxxxx

its normal not to want to open up to people and cry on their shoulder anymore society has made it seem as if crying is a sign of weakness plus you probably dont want them to worry about you .. and crying out of empowerment is a great thing .. being a wrestling fan in july they announced the winner of the diva search .. and when they did i cried like a baby ... so i can understand that too.. crying is a good thing