don't you just feel pathetic sometimes when you're in a bad mood so you just turn on sad music to make you more sad.

i do it all the time.

when im angry i blast rock emo music and get more pissed

when im sad i turn on acoustic or emo **** and it can so easily make me cry

music effects my mood so much its pathetic.

im not calling any of you pathetic

just myself

but does anyone else ever feel that way?

hayleymeike hayleymeike
18-21, F
3 Responses Apr 10, 2007

yep i always listen to eminem when im pissed off n like kelly clarkson when i wana cry, or other songs that make me cry, when i need to cry but no tears come, thats really frustrating.

O.M.G i cant believe how much this relates to like so totally the same....except i prefer to lock myself in my room ...blast it out and sit in the dark (only when im really upset).......its amazing the amount of release you can get!!!

music is a great emotional release .. ... its not pathetic in the least . there are people out there that are so null and viod of their emotions its sickening .. you should try to refr<x>ame that thought into something more positive like music is way for me to release the emotions im entitled to feel in a healthy manner .