Yeah I Torture Myself With Sad Songs

sometimes when im sad i like to listen to really sad songs just to make me feel more sad. i think thats a weird behavior i dont know. this group is stupid by the way.
Amelie Amelie
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 13, 2006

whether I listen to sad songs, or songs like Picture to Burn , it helps me unleash my feelings. The song "I'm with You" is a perfect song, sad or mad or happy, this song is perfect

I do it....all the time. It helps me cry it all out when im alone in my room. I cant talk to anyone so I just lock myself in my room when Im feeling sad and listen continuously to music that makes me feel even more sad. Actually, I just did...I dont think I have a tear left in me. I think I've squeezed it all out...Im was listening to Come Back When You Can by Barcelona and now im all better

I concur with all of ya'll. especially you, runbabyrun. check out my list of sad songs they're 55% R&B, 43% Jazz, and 3% Rock

I thought I was weird too/messed up that I wanted to like be "more sad" and listen to sad songs

hahaha i do that too. i think it helps to get it all out, don't you? I always feel a lot worse and then I feel a lot better later (and switch to happy songs :).)