On a Hunt

is it a sense of community? maybe its a feeling of belonging, knowing theres someone like you out there, that these feelings arent completely abnormal. but i get angry too, cos im like "yep yep yep" then suddenly a few lyrics pop up and im like "no, no thats not me, so close, but thats still not me". i havent found that one song yet. its bound to be out there somewhere.
piggygoff piggygoff
22-25, F
2 Responses Jul 7, 2007

yup. i should stop searching and create my own. but if it turns out like some michael bolton pastiche, i hope it never surfaces.

perhaps you should take all the lyrics that fit you from all the songs that aren't 'quite' right and then change em up to be you entirely adding the portion that is missing ... i bet you could sell it for millions!