I Think Too Much

Weel i hear sad songs on purpose cause i know they make me cry and it helps to get al my worries out and it washes away the pain it makes me feel calm and serene and well it brings memories of my best freind whom i've been in love with for 9 years and how i know he will never like me and i afraid to tell him so it really helps calm me down is sooths the soul.

Emotionalgirl123 Emotionalgirl123
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 10, 2007

yeah you're right

if hes your best friend you should feel close enough to him to tell him you love him<br><br />
this is kindof hypocrytical of me, because im afraid to do the same thing, only because we're both in separate relationships. but i think you should tell them anyhow.